Really, everyone is part of the Ourdata team because it’s the collective power of everyone who signs up that will allow us to create a fair and lasting ecosystem of advertisers and consumers. So thank you for being a part of the team. As for the team that is working hard to create this consumer data union, each of us wanted to share a bit about our passion and point of view about Ourdata. If you want to learn more about each of us simply click on our name to see our LinkedIn profile.

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Iggy Fanlo
The brightest minds in tech have correctly called DATA the new OIL. Well, I agree. But the largest tech companies, while being world class "oil companies and refiners” are not the owners of the oil; the oil itself is the property of the people. Consequently, the people should be paid for their “drilling rights”. Bringing fairness and equity to this data marketplace is the idea and the thinking behind Ourdata. #ICAREABOUTFAIR 

David Glickman
When I think about the discourse today, no matter where you stand, much of it is rooted in the notion of fairness. On the one hand, it’s such a simple concept to be paid for your “browsing data”, yet it has eluded us as a community – until now. We can all come together resulting in both a personal benefit (getting paid for your data) and a collective benefit (creating a content ecosystem that works for consumers and advertisers alike). Thank you for doing your part. #shareforfair

Keith Dutton
Keith began teaching himself assembly programming and bit mapped graphics so he could create games as a child. This led to a Math/CS degree at Stanford, numerous tech patents, senior startup positions and approaching two decades in technology spanning software engineering, usability, statistics and machine learning. Keith possesses strong product vision with exceptional technical expertise.

Leslie Purchase
“Your lack of privacy is someone else’s wealth” -Jaron Lanier
Fairness is one of our most deeply held beliefs as humans. We will even accept less for ourselves in order to be fair to others. The current balance of wealth and control of our data is not fair. We formed a public benefit corporation that pledges to share 90% of our profits to restore balance. We aren’t too good to be true. We are just trying to do good. #ICAREABOUTFAIR

Ciara Fanlo
Having grown up with smart phones, search engines, and social media, I didn’t realize the value of my data—I didn’t think that all my web activity was actually giving profit to huge companies. My generation is passionate about change, confronting issues of social justice, and developing a more equitable and compassionate world. Ourdata fits into that vision. It is a catalyst for massive social change, allowing individuals to realize their own power while also fostering a collective. #ICAREABOUTFAIR

Kim Angell
I work with start ups because I love their agility; identifying a better way to do something and making it happen. Advertising is ripe for disruption and Ourdata is coming at it in a mutually beneficial way. I am pumped to be a part of it, helping to spread the word and create a more positive experience.  

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