We formed Ourdata in 2016 as a Benefit Corporation with the simple idea that consumers should be paid for their data. 
Before the internet consumed our lives, consumers had an implicit agreement with analog media providers. We could pay a subscription fee and not be subjected to advertisements OR we could get free content, but trade our attention for it.


With the advent of digital media, this agreement changed. Media companies began to easily track our every behavior, our every digital footprint. Most of us were blissfully ignorant of this new practice and its rapidly growing revenue stream. The money REALLY began to pile up and some have even said that the value of the data collected now exceeds the value of the advertising.
Enter content blocking (more commonly know as ad blocking). Ad blocking allowed for not only the end of 3rd party ads, but the end of data tracking as well. Media companies correctly see ad blocking as a threat. Experts have put the lost revenue from ad blockers at approximately $15-20 Billion in 2015 alone. 
At Ourdata, we believe that an ad blocker is the perfect vehicle to balance the scales.
By coming together as a large consumer data union, we can get back our fair share of the billions of dollars being collected from selling and using our data. In addition, we can help publishers regain a large chunk of lost revenues from simple ad blocking.
Let’s come together, work with publishers and advertisers as well as consumers and split the pie fairly, but also ensure its future growth.

What is a “consumer data union”?

An organization or entity that gathers consumers together and/or their consent into a union membership to negotiate on behalf of the members and their data assets, primarily with “data-driven companies”, e.g. Google, Facebook. In most cases, the companies are already gathering and utilizing consumer data but have not shared direct financial benefit with their consumer customers.

These companies’ revenue and business models rely largely or completely on the use of this consumer data and they are extracting considerable financial benefit from it. The union seeks to negotiate a rebate or payment/revenue share from these companies for their members. Typically, the size or number of the data union membership will lend power and leverage to the negotiations with “data-driven companies”.

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